The following people currently serve as the Board of Trustees for The British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology.


Dave Errickson

Communications Officer

Dave Errickson

 Communications Officer (3 years)

Dave is currently a lecturer in forensic science (crime scene and osteology) in the School of Science & Engineering, Teesside University. Dave obtained a PhD in Forensic Science, specifically forensic anthropology from Teesside University, and studied at the University of Bradford (Department of Archaeological Science) for a BSc Archaeology and a MSc Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation. Dave is interested in three-dimensional imaging and the application of surface scanning to the courtroom. Specifically, how the jury perceive images within the court of law, creating guidelines for surface scanning and ethics in digital osteology. In addition, Dave has worked along side Cleveland Police on number of cases.

Job Description

Key Role:

The post holder will take particular responsibility for the development and implementation of community engagement. The communication and public outreach officer will work to increase the participation of the association, by maximising the use of the website, identifying community interests, interacting with the public and the association’s membership through the appropriate and available communication channels.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. To be responsible for developing, managing and promoting outreach resources, ensuring they are geared to the specific needs of the association.
  2. To develop and encourage the use of the website and making the materials accessible through this interactive portal.
  3. To ensure the queries from the members of the association are dealt with in a timely and appropriate manor.
  4. To promote the association and disseminate all committee material appropriately.