2016 Grant Awards

Academic Grants:

Rachel Schats (Leiden University) - £1,000.00 - Syphilis in The Netherlands. Dating and provenance of three syphilitic individuals from Kampen.

Stephanie Payne (University of Cambridge) - £1,000.00 - Extremities at the Extremes: How do altitude-associated stresses shape Sherpa hand and food morphology?

Christianne Fernee (University of Southampton / Bristol) - £900.00 - Like pulling teeth: tooth variation within and between populations in the South of Britain.

2015 Grant Awards

Commercial Grant:

Paola Ponce (University College London) - £1,500.00 - Diagnosing Legg-Calve-Perthes disease in human skeletal remains.

Academic Grants:

Edouard Masson-MacLean (University of Aberdeen) - £855.00 - New methods to solve old problems; identifying salmon and trout vertebrae using geometric morphometrics.

Vitale Sparacello (Durham University) - £1,000.00 - A new case of Neolithic turberculosis from Liguria, Italy: the Pollera 21 child.

2014 Grant Awards