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BABAO Co-authored Documents

There are two significant documents here: the BABAO/IFA Technical Paper providing Guidelines to the Standards for Recording Human Remains and the English Heritage/BABAO Guidelines for producing assessments and reports on human remains from archaeological sites.

BABAO Responses

Although the Department for Culture, Media and Sport have already produced their final report from their Working Group on Human Remains, it is worth revisiting their original consultation document (regarding the Code of Practice for the Care of Human Remains in Museums) and the Association's official submission (from 2003) and subsequent response to the DCMS draft code of practice (July 2005). The final document regarding the DCMS Guidance for the Care of Human Remains in Museums Guidance for the Care of Human Remains in Museums is available for reference.

Similarly, the Church Archaeology Human Remains Working Group released a consultation document for which a response from BABAO was submitted. The final document regarding Guidance for Best Practice for Treatment of Human Remains Excavated from Christian Burial Grounds in England is worth reading. This document can also be accessed at the websites of the Church of England ( and English Heritage (

You can also find some letters and responses one our page of Reburial and Repatriation.

Historic England

Historic England have now placed a great searchable database online so that you can hunt out reports for research. The Historic England Search Research Department Reports page can be found here.