The current version of the constitution was adopted 17th March 2014. To view the constitution, please click here to download.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 14th September 2019, a revised version was presented and passed by the membership. The Charities Commission have approved these changes and a copy of the now amended version can be found here to download. At the AGM in 2020 at Teesside University, the Board and membership will have a chance to ratify those changes, after which all modifications will be adopted officially.

A brief overview of the constitution contents are as follows:

Part 1

1. Adoption of the constitution

2. Name

3. The Association’s objects (‘the objects’) are to advance education and science for the public benefit.

4. Application of income and property

5. Benefits and payments to Association trustees and connected persons

6. Dissolution

7. Amendment of constitution

Part 2

8. Membership

9. Termination of membership

10. General meetings

 11. Notice

12. Quorum

13. Chair

14. Adjournments

15. Votes

16. Representatives of other bodies

17. Officers and trustees

18. Appointment of trustees

19. Power of trustees

20. Disqualification and removal of trustees

21. Proceedings of trustees

22. Conflicts of interests and conflicts of loyalties

23. Saving provisions

24. Delegation

25. Irregularities in proceedings

26. Minutes

27. Accounts, Annual Report, Annual Return

28. Registered particulars

29. Property

30. Repair and insurance

31. Notices

32. Rules

33. Disputes

34. Interpretation