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BABAO members discount on new book

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Bloomsbury Press has kindly given BABAO members a 30% discount on the new book “Growing Up Human” by Brenna Hassett!

Tracking deep into our evolutionary history, Growing Up Human looks at how we have diverged from our ancestral roots to stay ‘forever young’ – or at least what seems like forever – and how the evolution of childhood is a critical part of the human story.

Beginning with a look at the ways animals invest in their offspring, the book moves through the many steps of making a baby, from pair-bonding to hidden ovulation, points where our species has repeatedly stepped off the standard primate path. From the mystery of monogamy to the minefield of modern parenting advice, biological anthropologist Brenna Hassett reveals how differences between humans and our closest cousins lead to our messy mating systems, dangerous pregnancies, and difficult births, and what these tell us about the kind of babies we are trying to build.

The discount code (included in January’s Newsletter, sent a few weeks ago via email) just needs to be entered at checkout when bought through this link: