Anti-racist resources for BABAO members


This list directs BABAO members towards resources that:

  • provide a context for racism and colonialism that is evidenced in our field
  • support critical reflection on, and improvement of, the diversity and inclusivity of our teaching, research practice and professional conduct
  • support anti-racist action.


A list of organisations that represent both communities and the work of Black archaeologists, anthropologists and academics, and the decolonisation of academia, are also represented.

It is intended for this to become a continuously-edited living document for BABAO members. Our sincerest thanks to all those who have contributed already, and to those who will in the future.

Suggestions for additions and changes are welcomed. Please use the EDI sub-group anonymous reporting form or contact any member of the EDI group or trustees with your suggestions.


To learn more about the context, nature and impact of many forms of racism in the UK

Eddo-Lodge, R. Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Hirsch, A. 2018. Brit(ish): On race, identity and belonging. Random House.

Akala. 2019. Natives: Race & class in the ruins of Empire. Two Roads.

Arday, J. and Mirza, H.S. 2018. Dismantling Race in Higher Education: Racism, Whiteness and Decolonising the Academy. Palgrave Macmillan.


...and in the rest of the world

Wuench, J. 2020. First, Listen. Then, Learn: Anti-Racism Resources For White People. Forbes. 

Candelario, C. 2020. 12 Podcasts that Can Help Us Learn About Race and Racism in America.Purewow.


How academic organisations can take action to create change.

Antón, S. C. Malhi, R. S. and Fuentes, A. 2018. Race and diversity in U.S. Biological Anthropology: A decade of AAPA initiatives. Yearbook of Physical Anthropology. 165: 158-80.


Short articles on racism in higher education in the UK (with thanks to twitter user @ofmarginalia).


Pozniak, H. 2020. ‘I'm used to being the only brown person in the room': why the humanities have a diversity problem. The Guardian.

Naqvi, Z. 2019. If universities value overseas students, they must stop marginalising them. The Guardian.

Doharty, N. 2019. Year after year, white teachers’ guilt stifles the fullness of Black History in our schools. The Independent.

Andrews, K. 2019. Racism in universities is a systemic problem, not a series of incidents. The Guardian.

Phan, S. 2019. Casual racism is a fact of life for international students – they deserve better. The Guardian.


Diversifying your reading, research and knowledge to decolonise curricula.

Athreya, S. 2019. “But you’re not a real minority”: the marginalising Asian voices in palaeoanthropology. American Anthropologist 121 (2): 472-74.

Bader, A. C. and Malhi, R. S. 2019. How Subjectivity Strengthens Research: Developing an Integrative Approach to Investigating Human Diet in the Pacific Northwest Coast. American Anthropologist 121 (2): 476-78.

Fricke, F. Episode 101: How may oral histories, archaeology and osteology be integrated to study the history of enslaved people in the Dutch Caribbean? The Arch and Anth Podcast 3/2/2020.

McLean, Shay-Akil. Decolonise ALL the Things: The Unsettling reflections of a Decolonial Scientist.

Malhi, R. Episode 112: How are scientists and Indigenous leaders working together to advance Indigenous approaches to genomic science? The Arch and Anth Podcast. 13/4/2020.

Rivera, M. Episode 100: How can academics work through underrepresentation issues in anthropology and archaeology? The Arch and Anth Podcast 17/1/2020

Todd, Z. 2016. An Indigenous Feminist's Take On The Ontological Turn: ‘Ontology’ Is Just Another Word For Colonialism. Journal of Historical Sociology 29 (1): 4-22.

The Black Bio Anth spreadsheet. A collection of papers written by Black scholars, collated by Tisa Loewen.

Hidalgo Tan, N. The South East Asian Archaeology Blog, especially resources for South East Asian Archaeology


Inclusive pedagogy resources for BABAO members who teach and mentor

Fuentes, A. 2016. What race is, what its not...any why it matters. Talk presented as part of the Hesburgh Lecture Series at the University of Evansville by the Notre Dame Club of the Tri-State.

Hooks, b. 1994. Teaching to transgress: Education as the practice of freedom. Abe Books.

Martinez-Cola, M. 2020. Collectors, nightlights, and allies, Oh My! White mentors in the academy. Understanding and Dismantling Privilege 10 (1).


Decolonial resources of members who work with collections

Museum Ethnographers Group Repatriation Resource

Museums Association Decolonisation Toolkit


Archaeology-Specific Conversations

White, W. and Draycott, C. 2020. Why the whiteness of Archaeology is a problem.

and commentary on this article by BAJR member Victoria Alexander:

Current Perspectives on Black Lives Matter, race and racism

Society of Black Archaeologists. Archaeology in the time of Black Lives Matter. Panel discussion held 25th June 2020

Aris, C. 2020. Why Anthropology has a moral duty to be at the forefront in normalising racial equality. 

BABAO Student’s Rep, Katie Faillace’s twitter threads of resources.

General resources and academic/anthropology focused ones.  


Groups and Organisations:

Decolonise British Archaeology

The Society of Black Archaeologists

The Association of Black Anthropologists

Academics for Black Lives


Last updated July 2020