The following people currently serve as the Board of Trustees for The British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology.

JoBuckberry Stirling6

Jo Buckberry


Jo Buckberry

President (3 years)

Jo is a Reader in Biological Anthropology at the University of Bradford. She was elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 2018. She holds a PhD (2004), MSc (1999) and BA (1997). While most of her employment has been in academia, Jo has undertaken commercial projects and developed exhibitions and outreach activities with Museums and local Councils.

Jo joined BABAO as a student in 2000, and was awarded a student prize at her first BABAO conference, in Bradford, for her work on auricular surface age estimation. She has been an active member of BABAO since, editing the BABAO annual review, serving on the committee as a non-executive officer and grants secretary (2 terms), and having attended all bar one BABAO annual conference since her first. She co-hosted BABAO in Bradford in 2009 and co-edited the 2010 conference proceedings with Piers Mitchell. She was a founder trustee of BABAO when the association gained charitable status and contributed to the revision of the BABAO standards document. Jo has also served on the committee of the Paleopathology Association.

During her term of office Jo aims to support all BABAO members and foster better engagement with student members and members in the commercial sector. She hopes to develop a more efficient publication system for BABAO and ensure we meet our charitable aims, raising awareness of the importance of Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology.

Job Description

The President's role broadly involves:

  • Chairing 3 committee meetings each year (November, February and June), and the AGM at the Annual September conference - checking agendas and minutes, addressing actions.
  • Leading e-mail discussions amongst the committee about problems that arise between meetings.¬†
  • Making sure actions highlighted from committee meetings are progressed
  • Helping to identify and approaching suitable people for committee posts
  • Identifying future¬†conference venues and approaching hosts
  • Writing the BABAO responses to national level items of relevance
  • Coordinating the writing of letters of various kinds from the Committee
  • Writing a piece for the Annual BABAO Review
  • Defining a vision for where the association should be by the end of the 3 year post, and working with the committee to achieve key goals.