BABAO 6th Annual Conference Hosted By Bristol University

Programme and sessions 

Organisers: Dr Kate Robson Brown and Dr Alice Roberts 

Friday 10th September - morning 

08.45 Coffee and registration 

09.45 Welcome 

09.50 Introductory Keynote lecture: Fred Spoor, Meave Leakey & Louise Leakey - New hominin fossils from the Koobi Fora Formation, east of Lake Turkana (Kenya). 

10.10 Evolutionary Anthropology 1: Evolution and development of the skull (Chair: Anita Sengupta) 

10.10 Nathan Jeffrey & Fred Spoor - Growth and evolution of primate inner ears and little brains. 

10.30 Laura C. Fitton & Gabriele A. Macho - Modelling mastication among primates: The functional significance of changes in temporomandibular joint morphology during hominid evolution.

10.50 Daisuke Shimizu, Iain R. Spears & Gabriele A. Macho - Effect of prism orientation on contact stresses: implications for wear in hominids.

11.10 Charles A. Lockwood, William H. Kimbel, & John M. Lynch -Temporal bone morphology and early hominin species diversity.

11.30 Xanth Mallett - Craniofacial morphology and cold adaption.

11.50 Carina Buckley - Developmental stress and its morphological correlates: a study of two London samples.

12.10 Coffee

12.30 Evolutionary Anthropology 2: The comparative primate context (Chair: Kate Robson-Brown)

12.30 Ursula Paredes-Esquivel, Gabriele A. Macho, & John P. Quinn - The regulation of aggression and dominant behaviour in modern humans and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).

12.50 Tara Chapman, Scott S. Legge, & Sarah Johns - The higher they live the further they fall: Travelling height and trauma among five species of primates.

13.10 Richard L. Abel & Gabriele A. Macho - Ontogenetic change in the morphology of the primate pelvis.

13.30 Lunch and posters

Friday 10th September - afternoon

14.30 Human Behavioual Ecology: Parental investment, reproductive strategies, and child health (Chair: Sarah E. Johns)

14.30 Jan Beise - The differential roles of maternal and paternal grandmothers on child survival.

14.50 Sarah E. Johns - Life expectancy and the sex ratio: Evidence for Trivers-Willard in a Western population.

15.10 Mhairi Gibson - Do kin really care? The effect of post-marital residence patterns on childhood well-being in rural Ethiopia.

15.30 Stanley J. Ulijaszek - Child growth and the emergence of obesity in New Guinea in an historical perspective.

15.50 Margaret Clegg - Growth in modern western children: A representative sample?

16.10 James Steele - Handedness and birthweight: a large cohort study using the NCDS sample. 16.30 Holger Schutkowski - How much Human Ecology is there in Biological Anthropology?

16.50 Tea

17.10 Osteoarchaeology 1: Palaeodemography (Chair: Kate Robson Brown)

17.10 Andrew Millard, Susan Hughes, Paul Budd, Jane Evans, Carolyn Chenery, Graham Pearson, Sam Lucy, & Charlotte Roberts - Isotopic evidence for locals and migrants in early Anglo-Saxon England.

17.30 Paul Budd, Andrew Millard, Susan Hughes, Graham Pearson & Geoff Nowell - Angles or yokels? Why strontium isotopes can’t always tell: a cautionary tale from early medieval Yorkshire.

17.50 Sonia Zakrzewski - Teeth and Diet: What more is there? Teeth as markers for population history.18.10 Griffin, R.C. & Collins, M.J. - Amino Acid Racemization – a new age estimation technique for archaeological skeletons?

18.30 Weise, S., Boldsen, J., Buckberry, J., Doppler, S., Gampe, J., Grupe, G., Hotz, G., Larsen, C.S., Kemkes-Grottenthaler, A., Prince, D., Vaupel, J.W. & Wittwer-Backofen, U. - Age estimation of human skeletal remains - a comparison of methods from Lauchheim, Germany.

18.50 Finish

Saturday 11th September - morning

09.00 Osteoarchaeology 2 - Human skeletal peri and post mortem modification: A more integrated approach. (Chair: Louise Loe)

09.00 Hiller, J.C., Thompson, T.J.U., Evison, M.P., Chamberlain, A.T. & Wess, T.J. - Use of small-angle X-ray scattering to determine heating regimes in experimental samples.

09.20 Jans, M.M.E., Collins, M.J. & Kars, H. - Microbial alteration of archaeological bone; the influence of early post-mortem circumstances.

09.40 Louise Loe - Mortuary practice, mimic or violence? Interpreting the modified human remains from Charterhouse Warren Farm Swallet, Somerset.

10.00 Krish Seetah - A zooarchaeological contribution to Biological Anthropology: Working towards a better understanding of cut marks and butchery.

10.20 Modification Demonstration (Krish Seetah). 11.00 Coffee 11.20 Osteoarchaeology 3 - Burial practices (Chair: Alice Roberts)

11.20 Jo Buckberry - Changing identities? An osteological exploration of Anglo-Saxon funerary practice.

11.40 Jessica Beckett - An analysis of burial practices using GIS and taphonomy; Modelling refits in a megalithic tomb, Co. Clare, Ireland.

12.00 Efrossini Vika, Holger Schutkowski, Vassilis Aravantinos & Mike Richards - A Bronze Age mass burial in Thebes, Greece: osteological and paleodietary studies.

12.20 Lunch and posters

Saturday 11th September - afternoon

13.30 Palaeopathology - In memory of the late Dr Juliet Rogers (Chair Alice Roberts)

13.30 Don Walker, Amy Gray-Jones, Rebecca Redfern and Brian Connell - Tuberculosis at Spitalfields, London: an initial insight into medieval urban life.

13.50 Megan Brinkley, Helena Barry & Gaynor Western - Health and the onset of urbanisation and industrialisation in 18th and 19th Century: Investigations at, St. Martin’s Churchyard, Birmingham.

14.10 Lesley J. Adams - Age-related metacarpal cortical bone loss as an indicator of osteoporosis: Evidence from Romano-British females.

14.30 Piers D. Mitchell, Yossi Naggar & Ronnie Ellenblum - Weapon injuries in the 12th Century crusader garrison of Vadum Iacob Castle, Galilee.

14.50 Watson, C., Mays, S., Lockwood, D.N.J, & Taylor G.M. - Ancient DNA analysis of a case of lepromatous leprosy from the deserted medieval village of Wharram Percy.

15.10 Giovanni Guerra, Giuseppe Roma & Giovanni Arcudi - Endocranial inflammatory lesions in a 6th Century A.C. case: Skeletal remains from Torre Toscana in Belsito, Cosenza, Italy.

15.30 Alice M. Roberts - Scapholunate advanced collapse in a Romano-British skeleton from Ancaster.

15.50 Tea 16.30 Closing lecture: Jonathan Musgrave - 40 Years of Bones

17.00 Student prizes


Poster SessionBlau, S. The first osteoarchaeological evidence for a diagnosis of leprosy from western Central Asia.Evans, J., Chenery, C. & Fitzpatrick, A. Isotope evidence for cultural/familial migration recorded in Bronze Age individuals found near Stonehenge.Andrew Gallagher & Michael M. Gunther - Neandertal elbow joint morphology: Archaic, modern, or neither?Jane Hughes - Please touch! : Hands on in the new Hunterian Museum, London.Legge, S.S. - Klippel-Feil syndrome: Examples from two Alaskan Eskimo skeletal collections.Macpherson, P.M., Chenery, C.A. & Chamberlain, A.T. - From milk to meals, variation in childhood diet from the Anglo-Saxon Blackgate Cemetery, Newcastle upon TyneAlison Moore - Neonatal burials on Romano-British villa sitesOgden, A.R. & Martin, J. - Dental abscesses, fenestrations, granulomata, cysts and taphonomic damage: Can we clearly distinguish them?Alysia Wescoat - Potential additional cases of tuberculosis at Wharram Percy