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LGBT+ History Month Resources

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LGBT+ History Month Resources

LGBT+ History Month 2024, founded by Schools Out, is themed: Science and Medicine and aims to shine a spotlight on members of the LGBT+ community who have made contributions to the NHS, medicine and health care in the past. The Proud Trust have produced a fabulous resource and education pack that can be downloaded here featuring:

  • LGBT+ Representation in Science and Medicine
  • Follow your Hart: Dr Alan Hart Information and Worksheets
  • Decoding LGBT+ History
  • LGBT+ History of Science Fiction Sheet and Storyboard Template


To consider LGBT+ representation in the fields of science and medicine throughout history and to research and make visible LGBT+ people and celebrate their achievements

Learning Objectives

  • Understand LGBT+ language and terminology
  • Think critically about the kinds of representation that we see in the fields of science and medicine
  • Understand what positive representation means and why it is important in the fields of science and medicine
  • Discover and celebrate some LGBT+ people who work for or have worked in science and medicine, and their accomplishments

National Curriculum Links

Relationships and Sex Education: Respectful relationships, including friendships:

  • How stereotypes, in particular stereotypes based on sex, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability, can cause damage
  • That, in school and wider society, they can expect to be treated with respect by others, and that in turn they should show due respect to others

History (KS3)

  • Know[…] how people’s lives have shaped this nation and how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world