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BABAO Grants

BABAO offers funding grants for research projects that are available annually by competition. The competition is open to ALL members of the association who paid their membership fees by the 31st of January of the application year.

Grants are available to support:

  • Academic research
  • Research undertaken as part of commercial osteoarchaeological projects
  • Immediate required financial support to continue studies or work
  • Public engagement, events and activities
  • Decolonising and diversifying osteoarchaeology and biological anthropology to encourage EDI
  • Conference bursaries for students, unwaged members and professionals without conference expenses provided by their employer

Here is a summary of the grants offered by BABAO, please visit their individual pages for more information.

A new, rapid-turnaround microgrant scheme for requests of up to £250 to support members’ education, research, and professional practice. The microgrants are available to all BABAO members in immediate need of financial support to access resources that enable them to continue to advance their learning, careers or professional practice. We encourage applications from members of groups who are particularly under-represented among the BABAO membership: members from Black, Asian and other minority backgrounds, LGBTQI+ members, members with disabilities, first generation scholars, and those with caring responsibilities, among others. Examples of suitable expenses might be bench fees, travel expenses, workshop registration fees, lab/field equipment and academic proof-reading services, but we are open to all requests that benefit you as a Biological Anthropologist or Osteoarchaeologist. We only ask that the money is spent on activities and resources that benefit you and belong to you, not your university or employer.
Two types of Research Grants are available. One type is reserved for research in the contract/commercial sector (up to £2,500: £1000 for research costs and £1500 to buy out time from the employer). The other grant is reserved for the academic sector (£1,000 for research costs only). The higher sum available for the commercial sector is to cover the cost of buying out time from their company, to allow for sufficient free time to conduct the research. Applications for more than these sums will not be considered. Care costs (e.g. childcare costs) can be factored in to research grant applications where the research could not feasibly be conducted otherwise. The number of grants awarded each year will depend upon the quality of applications and the state of the association's finances.
This funding is intended to support events and outreach activities for the benefit of BABAO members. For example (but not limited to) enabling the dissemination of research and/or emerging techniques, promoting good ethical practice and EDI initiatives, allowing career development/training opportunities, related to biological anthropology (relating to humans and non-human primates, extinct and extant) and osteoarchaeology (human and non-human). This may be via seminars, small symposia, workshops, one-day conferences, or other similar events. These events must be open to all BABAO members that may wish to attend. They may also be used to undertake outreach activities that are of benefit to our members, or meet the charitable aims of the Association. in line with the charitable aims of the organisation. However, if you are interested in planning a public outreach event (e.g. school visits, stalls at family orientated events such as science festivals), please contact the Outreach Officer in the first instance, as they can provide advice on how best BABAO can support you.
This grant scheme which started in 2021 supports the decolonisation of our research, learning and teaching, and diversification of our profession. This grant scheme operates alongside the current research grant scheme. The amount of funding available, application process, general eligibility criteria and deadlines are the same as the research grant scheme. Both academic (for independent researchers, members employed in research/teaching and students) and commercial applications (where members require ‘buy-out’ from their roles) will be considered.
BABAO offers 10 bursaries from our organisation’s funds that will cover the full cost of conference fees for members experiencing difficult financial circumstances. The 10 bursaries are available to BABAO members presenting their research in either a poster or podium presentation. Five of the bursaries are available to student members, unwaged members, members working in the commercial sector or members working for a museum that does not provide any funds for conference attendance. The other five bursaries have been ring-fenced for unwaged members, members working in the commercial sector or members working for a museum that does not provide any funds for conference attendance. All information associated will your application will be stored anonymously for the purposes of financial reporting for a maximum of 7 years. Bursaries are available every year once the annual conference has been announced. Please contact the grants secretary at for more information.

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