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The Decolonising and Diversifying Osteology and Biological Anthropology (DDOBA) grant scheme, which started in 2021, supports the decolonisation of our research, learning and teaching, and diversification of our profession

This grant scheme operates alongside the current research grant scheme. The amount of funding available, application process, general eligibility criteria and deadlines are the same as the research grant scheme. Both academic (for independent researchers, members employed in research/teaching and students) and commercial applications (where members require ‘buy-out’ from their roles) will be considered.

Applications are eligible for the DDOBA grants if they fulfil one (or more) of the following criteria, which we have divided across four themes:

1. The researcher/s
Applications will be proposed and led by Black, Asian, Indigenous or other minority ethnic scholar/s or, if a collaborative project, include one or more scholars from these backgrounds in the research team. Projects that actively engage students from these backgrounds will also be eligible. 

2. The topic
Applications could cover a topic that includes global regions outside Europe and North America (especially the global south). It may cover a theme which is relevant to diversifying the reach of our research (for example the archaeology of the African diaspora, enslavement or international migrations). Alternatively, the research may aim to interrogate colonialism and racism in our field and/or identify ways to address extant structural biases.

3. Engagement
Applications will engage Indigenous, minority or other underrepresented communities in its research process or explore/develop strategies for doing so in equitable and respectful ways.

4. Explicitly address the decolonisation of biological anthropology through another means

The application round for 2024 is open! The application deadline is 1st May 2024, 23:59 (GMT). All paid up members (before 31st January 2024) are eligible to apply.

All BABAO DDOBA Grant applications must be submitted electronically to Dr Rachel Schats, Grants Secretary, at and must: 

  • Complete Section 8 when completing one of the BABAO Research Grants application forms and explain briefly how your work fits the DDOBA eligibility criteria
  • Be in pdf format
  • Follow the BABAO Grant Guidelines
  • Include a two-page summary CV for the applicant
  • Include a letter of support where required (i.e., for access to external material, and destructive analysis where relevant)
  • All applications for research projects involving destructive analysis are required to complete an additional ‘Destructive Analysis Supplementary Form’, which must be submitted at the same time as the application form

We are particularly eager to support students, early career researchers and early career professionals who might lack experience in grant writing to apply for the DDOBA grants. We encourage members within these groups to contact the Grants Secretary at for informal advice at the beginning of the application process.