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BABAO Sponsored Activity Grant

In September 2019, the BABAO Board of Trustees approved funding for ad hoc grants for sponsoring symposia/workshops (or similar events), this was updated in 2021 to encompass a wider range of outreach related activities. This is available to all members of the association who paid their dues by the 31st of January of the application year.

This funding is intended to support events and outreach activities for the benefit of BABAO members. For example (but not limited to) enabling the dissemination of research and/or emerging techniques, promoting good ethical practice and EDI initiatives, allowing career development/training opportunities, related to biological anthropology (relating to humans and non-human primates, extinct and extant) and osteoarchaeology (human and non-human). This may be via seminars, small symposia, workshops, one-day conferences, or other similar events. These events must be open to all BABAO members that may wish to attend. They may also be used to undertake outreach activities that are of benefit to our members, or meet the charitable aims of the Association. in line with the charitable aims of the organisation. However, if you are interested in planning a public outreach event (e.g. school visits, stalls at family orientated events such as science festivals), please contact the Outreach Officer in the first instance, as they can provide advice on how best BABAO can support you.

There is no formal application deadline; instead, each will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis throughout the year as applications arise. Award of the grant will therefore depend on not only the suitability of the event for BABAO sponsorship, but also on how many applications have already been awarded sponsorship that year. The annual award cycle will follow the BABAO financial year, opening on 1st January and closing on 31st December.

The amount of funding that can be requested is flexible, depending on the nature of the activity being proposed, but must not exceed £1,000

If you would like to apply for BABAO sponsorship for your event/activity, please send a completed preliminary application form by email to

Eligibility of the event for sponsorship will be assessed by the Board of Trustees prior to a formal application being made. Please note that incomplete applications and those that do not follow the guidelines will be automatically disqualified.

If the funding is approved, applicants are expected to hold their event/complete their activity within one year of receipt of the award (unless an extension has been agreed with the Board of Trustees at the time of preliminary application). For events they must also make it a requirement for attendees to commit to the BABAO Code of Conduct, and BABAO Codes of Ethics, Practice, and Digital Imaging during the registration process (see our Ethics & Standards for further information). Please see the guidance document for further information regarding requirements of grant winners.