The BABAO Mentorship Award

BABAO presents an award for mentorship to a member who has inspired and helped a person/persons as a mentor.

This award is presented biennially, with the first award to be given in September 2019.

Nominations can be submitted by any current member of BABAO. Those nominated do not have to be BABAO members. Posthumous nominations will be accepted if the nominee died in 1998 (when BABAO was founded) or after.

This could be somebody who has consistently provided support, guidance and strong direction to undergraduate and graduate students within higher education, and/or has had a significant impact upon the development of the careers of junior colleagues within higher education, museums, commercial archaeology, and other relevant institutions/organisations.

While there is no simple definition of good mentoring, a few things to consider are:

  • Serving as a role model for, and leader in, teaching, research, and academic and public service.
  • Treating students and colleagues with respect, spending time with them, and providing open communication lines
  • Helping students and colleagues select and work toward appropriate goals
  • Providing constructively critical feedback on individual work and progress in general
  • Helping students and colleagues publish their work
  • Providing support at all times, especially encouragement and assistance in the face of difficulties
  • Assisting students and colleagues in applying for awards and funding
  • Assisting in building network connections, both with individuals and within organisations that are important in relevant fields
  • Providing general advice with respect to professional development and careers, especially in areas of future advancement (e.g. postgraduate and postdoctoral study, professional positions)

The nomination should be no longer than 2,000 words and address the reasons why the person qualifies for this award.

Nominations for this award should be submitted to the BABAO secretary, Ceri Boston (

BABAO has established two awards for members (the other being the Service Award last given in 2018). Requests for nominations are in alternate years, with the award being presented at the BABAO Annual Conference. The BABAO Trustees will consider applications, but if any Trustee member is nominated that Trustee will no review the nominations for that round.