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International Journals

IJO’s global scope is of interest to archaeologists, anthropologists, bone specialists and historians. Their aim is to publish studies that explore how human and animal remains can provide detailed and nuanced information about the behavior and ideology of past cultures. Palaeopathology studies of human and animal diseases are encouraged.

Wiley Interscience offers BABAO members private subscription to the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology (IJO) at the substantially discounted rate of £133 p.a. for individual subscriptions (print only). One year’s subscription includes six issues plus online access to the journal.

Terms and Conditions: Subscription copies are for personal use only. The price of the discounted subscription is subject to annual review by Wiley Interscience.

The American Journal of Biological Anthropology (AJBA), formerly the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, is the official journal of the American Association of Biological Anthropologists (AABA), formerly the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. It publishes articles within an anthropological or evolutionary context in the areas of bioarcheology, palaeoanthropology, skeletal biology, genetics, human biology, and non-human primate behaviour and ecology. The journal also seek submissions in new and developing areas that contribute to the growth of the field. Papers are published in three quarterly volumes and two annual supplements, one the Yearbook of Biological Anthropology, which publishes major review articles, and the Annual Meeting Issue, which contains the Scientific Program for the AABA’s Annual Meeting and the abstracts for that year’s posters and podium presentations.

The Journal of Archaeological Science is aimed at archaeologists and scientists with particular interests in advancing the development and application of scientific techniques and methodologies to all areas of archaeology. The journal provides an international forum for archaeologists and scientists from widely different scientific backgrounds who share a common interest in developing and applying scientific methods to inform major debates through improving the quality and reliability of scientific information derived from archaeological research. This established monthly journal publishes focus articles, original research papers and major review articles, of wide archaeological significance.

Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports is aimed at archaeologists and scientists engaged with the application of scientific techniques and methodologies to all areas of archaeology. The journal focuses on the results of the application of scientific methods to archaeological problems and debates. It will provide a forum for reviews and scientific debate of issues in scientific archaeology and their impact in the wider subject.

The International Journal of Paleopathology (IJPP) will publish original and significant articles on human and animal (including hominids) disease, based upon the study of physical remains, including osseous, dental, and preserved soft tissues at a range of methodological levels, from direct observation to molecular, chemical, histological and radiographic analysis. Discussion of ways in which these methods can be applied to the reconstruction of health, disease and life histories in the past is central to the discipline, so the journal would also encourage papers covering interpretive and theoretical issues, and those that place the study of disease at the centre of a bioarchaeological or biocultural approach.