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The NEW Trends Logo Design Competition

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We are excited to announce a competition to design a logo for our new Trends in Biological Anthropology publication. We are looking for a creative and professional design that represents the essence of our society and the goals of the new publication.

We also want to announce that the successful winner of the design competition will be rewarded with free admission to attend a BABAO conference! 

The winning design will be featured on the cover of the new Trends for the foreseeable future.

In order to help inspire some design ideas, here is some background info on the new Trends. 

Trends is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary and international platform for the publication of research into all aspects in the thriving fields of biological anthropology and osteoarchaeology.

The publication welcomes submissions from those who work in numerous archaeological sectors including, academic, commercial, forensic, heritage, curatorial and many others – including non-members.

The editorial team encourages papers from any field of study that focus on biological anthropology and osteoarchaeology, including all aspects of the study of human and animal bones from any time period and geographical location. 

Trends will accept studies which provide methodological development, and apply previously established techniques to new materials, as well as studies with newly contextualised data.

The editorial team strongly encourages the submission of papers in support of the decolonisation of bioarchaeological research and the diversification of our profession. In particular, research papers outside of Europe and North America, tackling colonialism and racism, as well as structural biases would be particularly welcomed.

Here are the technical guidelines for the competition:

  • The logo must be original and not copied from any existing design.
  • The logo should be relevant to the theme of the publication.
  • The logo must be a maximum of 10MB file size – and with a minimum resolution of 300dpi or 1600×1200 pixels.
  • The logo must be in a JPEG, PNG, or PDF format.
  • The logo must be printable in both small and large-scale printing (e.g. avoid the use of unreadable text formats, avoid busy backgrounds, etc.)
  • The logo can incorporate the of use colour – but it must also work in a black and white format.
  • Please also note that the artist of the successful design will be required to sign a waiver to allow BABAO to claim the rights to the image.

Any BABAO member is eligible to submit a logo, email your logo to the Trends Editor Veronica Tamorri (at ) before the final submission date of: 1st July 2023.

The Trends editorial board will create a shortlist of designs based on the above criteria and submit them to BABAO members to vote for their favourite design.

We are excited to receive your submissions.