Below you will find a number of online, digital and similar resources which you may find useful and interesting.

They cover a wide range of biological anthropological topics and issues. Please note that BABAO does not endorse any of these resources, nor can we ensure the accuracy of their content.

BABAO Posters

Skeleton poster for institution display

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Past People of Oxfordshire - a database of individuals from Oxfordshire including details of osteology, funerary arch, if the bones are curated or reburied and where.

The Invisible Dead - blog associated with the project and database studying early beliefs about the body.

D Formenti's Links - a big list of anthro-related websites.

Anthropology Links - another big list of biology, population genetics, primatology, evolution, etc websites.

Le laboratoire de Paléoanthropologie - a couple of databases of skeletal material, from the University of Geneva (site is in French).du département d'Anthropologie

The Skeletal Collections Database - a searchable database covering a wide range of collections around the world.

South Dakota Palaeopathology - a database of pathaeopath databases.

The Standard Osteological Database Project - a repository maintained by Arkansas Archaeological Survey and the Dept of Anthropology, University of Arkansas.

Images & Info

eSkeletons - 3D models of human and non-human skeletons, from the Dept of Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin.

Anthropology - a site containing info on all of the anthro sub-disciplines.

Dental Microwear - a site maintained by the Dept of Anthropology, University of Arkansas.

Digitised Diseases - open-access resource of pathological type specimens, available for viewing, download and manipulation.

BoneKEy - a knowledge environment for the bone sciences.

Bone Physiology - info and images, from the University of Washington.

Histological slides - a range of histology images from the Dept of Archaeology, University of Sheffield.

Histological slides - a range of slides of cartilage and bone from Loyolo University.

Fundamental Pathways - info and images relating to arthritis, from Frontiers in Bioscience and info and images relating to tumors, from Frontiers in Bioscience.

British Archaeological Jobs Resource Guide of the Archaeology of Conflict - exactly what it says on the link...

Learning & Teaching

Human Biodyssey: exploring Anatomy and Physiology - info, images and quizzes.

Musculo-skeletal Teaching File - from Wayne State University.

The Skull Module - images and course on the skull, from California State University, Chico.

Spoilheap - selected themes in archaeology, including human bones.


The Dirt Podcast - 100+ episodes covering topics spanning archaeology and anthropology

AnthroBiology Podcast - 15+ episodes covering topics within biological anthropology

Anthropologically Speaking - 20+ episodes covering topics spanning anthropology

The Arch and Anth Podcast - 150+ episodes covering topics from all over archaeology and anthropology