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BABAO Membership Award

BABAO presents an award for mentorship to a member who has inspired and helped a person/persons as a mentor. The awardees are recognised for consistently providing support, guidance, and strong direction to undergraduate and graduate students within higher education, and having had a significant impact upon the development of the careers of junior colleagues within higher education, museums, commercial archaeology, and other relevant institutions/organisations.

BABAO has established two awards for members (the other being the Service Award last given in 2022). Requests for nominations are in alternate years, with the award being presented at the BABAO Annual Conference. The BABAO Trustees will consider applications, but if any Trustee member is nominated that Trustee will no review the nominations for that round.

At the 2023 Annual Meeting at University College London (UCL), BABAO’s third Mentorship Award was awarded to Dr Sarah Schrader.

At the 2021 Annual Meeting, BABAO’s second Mentorship Award was awarded to Dr Anwen Caffell.

At the 2019 Annual Meeting at the Natural History Museum, BABAO’s first Mentorship Award was awarded to Dr Pia Nystrom.