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mentorship award

BABAO Mentorship Award 2023

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At the 2023 Annual Meeting at University College London (UCL), BABAO’s third Mentorship Award was awarded to Dr Sarah Schrader. It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude that we submit this nomination for Dr Sarah A. Schrader for this year’s BABAO Mentorship… Read More »BABAO Mentorship Award 2023

BABAO Mentorship Award 2021

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At the 2021 Annual Meeting, BABAO’s second Mentorship Award was awarded to Dr Anwen Caffell. Anwen Caffell has been affiliated to Durham University for a number of years, and throughout this time has supported and guided a large number of osteoarchaeologists, bioarchaeologists,… Read More »BABAO Mentorship Award 2021

BABAO Mentorship Award 2019

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At the 2019 Annual Meeting at the Natural History Museum, BABAO’s first Mentorship Award was awarded to Dr Pia Nystrom. Pia Nystrom has provided unsurpassed support, guidance and mentorship for an entire generation of Biological Anthropologists who have undertaken postgraduate training at the… Read More »BABAO Mentorship Award 2019